How To Clean your Predator Arcadia Pool Felt or Billiard Cloth

Maintenance tips for keeping your Predator pool table felt clean and ensuring it provides the optimal surface for play:

  • Using high-quality balls such as the Predator Arcos II pool balls will help keep the table in better condition. Phenolic resin balls will help create fewer burn spots than pool balls made of polyester material. Phenolic is harder and more resistant to heat than polyester.
  • Do not expose it to the sun as it easily fades away and lifts from the surface when exposed to high moisture contents in the air.
  • Whenever you’re chalking your cue, do so away from the table to prevent the residue from getting into the felt.
  • A dedicated felt brush (usually made of horse hair or nylon) can be used to brush out chalk residue that has set in the cloth. Using a light force, brush in a straight direction towards one of the pockets to avoid build-up in the felt. Brushing in one direction puts the least amount of stress on the cloth. We recommend brushing at least once a week or after 10 hours of play.
  • Don’t keep drinks or food near the cloth.
  • If possible, use a felt cover when the table isn’t in use to prevent other materials like dust, dirt, and pet hair from accumulating on the surface. This also protects the cloth from ultraviolet rays and moisture.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean your balls. This will help prevent chalk distribution all over the table.
  • Use a low suction vacuum with the upholstery attachment to keep it a gentle suction to avoid any damage and stretching of the pool table cloth.
  • Pool table brushes are not recommended
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  • Which is it? Brush after 10 hours of use or don't use a brush.?

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