Predator Pool Table Felt or Cloth FAQ's

Felt Selection:

  • Why would I buy the Reserve over the Select? The Predator Arcadia Reserve pool table felt is our professionnal tournament cloth and has the fastest ball speed. The Reserve is only available in Tournament blue color. If you are looking for color options, the Predator Arcadia Select cloth is also a high quality premium worsted felt, and it is available in 12 color options to choose from.

Installation FAQ's:

  • Please check the felt for knots or defects before installation as the felt warranty covers the materials, but not the labor that may be incurred during installation.
  • We recommend an experienced installer to complete the installation for the tightest and most accurate installation. We are not responsible for issues that arise from improper installation of the felt.
  • Note that the Predator logo is meant to go under the rail and not on top of the rail.

Cloth Sizes for Oversized tables:

  • Does our cloth come in rolls? No, our cloth is only available precut.
  • How is the cloth cut? Each piece is cut with the table and rails separate. The rails are already precut. We do not sell rolls or bolts.
  • For 7 foot Diamond barboxes – you may need to upgrade to 8’ rails and therefore purchase the 8 foot cloth size.
  • I have a 8 foot oversized table, do you make a cut cloth for that? No, we recommend to size up to the 9 foot precut size to cover your table.

Color Selection:

  • Do we offer the Reserve cloth in any other colors outside Tournament Blue? Not at this time. In our testing the Tournament Blue is the most optimized for video. Our Select felt will be offered in more colors to help fill in other color needs and still provide good durability and playability.
  • What is the closest color to the Tournament Blue in the Select felt offering? Electric Blue
  • What is the most popular green and the most commonly used? Yellow Green

Matching Chalk Colors:

  • Do we offer colored chalk for the colors of the select cloth? Not at this time.

Durability and Playability:

  • Does the dye process affect playability? No, the raw material is dyed first so that the process remains the same and does not affect the playability.
  • Does the cloth crease easily? No, and with stretching there should be no issues done correctly.
  • Is our cloth treated with Teflon or other type of coating that can prevent moisture and protects the cloth? At this time our cloth is not coated, but we will be looking into some type of coating for the future.


  • Can this cloth be used for Carom? No, Carom uses a different type of cloth that is thinner to allow for even faster play.
  • Can this cloth be used for snooker or English pool? No, Snooker uses a thick nap cloth, meaning it’s directional and the fibers point in one direction. It is made of 100% wool.

Other questions:

  • Are Table spot stickers included? Yes, 2 pieces are included with each cut of cloth.
  • Where is the cloth made? Predator felt is made in China to our specifications and inspected according to our high standards of quality. The Quality Control is completed by our team to ensure that it meets our standards.
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