Other Wood Shafts Warranty Questions

How far can the shaft be turned down without voiding the warranty?

Once the shaft is turned down below the tolerances stated below, the shaft will no longer be covered under warranty. The warranty levels are as follows:

  • 314-2 and 314-3 shaft: 12.25mm
  • Z-2 and Z-3 shaft: 11.40mm
  • Vantage: 12.50mm
  • Fat: 12.7mm
  • CRM: 11.6mm

Is warpage covered under the warranty?

As wood can move over time and is highly dependent on the conditions that the product is stored in, such as humidity or extreme temperatures, there is no guarantee against warpage. Therefore, we do not cover warpage on wood shafts. REVO carbon fiber shafts however feature a Limited-lifetime warranty against warpage

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