Tip and Ferrule Warranty Questions

Can the tip be replaced?

  • 3rd generation and Vantage: The tip can be replaced. When the tip is replaced, the tip silencer must not be removed.  If the tip silencer is removed, the front-end technology and the performance of the shaft will be compromised. 
  • BK2, BK3, AIR2 shafts: The tip can be replaced.  When the tip is replaced, the carbon fiber plate under the tip must not be removed. Leave .020″ of the brown phenolic before gluing on the replacement tip.  If the carbon fiber plate is removed, the shaft may break under pressure and will not be covered under warranty.

What type of glue should be used for the tip replacement?

First preference is 3M’s DP420 or DP460.  This epoxy had the strongest adhesiveness to the tip silencer during our testing.  A second option is West system’s G5 glue.  Other super glues had high failure right during our testing process.

If the tip silencer is accidentally removed, do I need to put a new one on?

Yes, otherwise the risk of the ferrule breaking is high and the performance of the shaft will be changed. 

Where do I send the shaft to get the tip silencer replaced?

The shaft must be sent to an authorized repair center, preferably our Predator customer service center.

If the ferrule is damaged on a shaft, is it covered under warranty?

The ferrule is only covered if it is a manufactured defect.  If the shaft has had any work on the front end, outside of our Predator customer service center, the shaft is not covered by warranty.

Can a local repair shop replace the ferrule on the 3rd generation and Vantage shafts?

Due to the front-end technology, the repair can only be completed by Predator customer service center.  If a repair shop does any work on the shaft, the warranty will be voided and the shaft performance will be compromised.

If the ferrule breaks, either from repair work or warranty, what should be done with the shaft?

The shaft needs to be sent to Predator customer repair center to be evaluated so it can be replaced or repaired.  If the ferrule comes off, please ship the ferrule with the shaft as well for inspection.

If the ferrule is damaged through non-warranty circumstances, how can the shaft be repaired?

The shaft must be returned to customer service center to be repaired or replaced for a $75 charge.

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