Can I fly or travel with my pool cue case and my cues remain protected?

Checked Luggage or Carry-on: Pool cue cases are not allowed as a carry-on since 9/11/2001 in the United States.


We do recognize that recreational and professional players alike do travel for competitive play. Like most luggage, a cue case will be subjected to unforeseen handling during travel, which will damage the exterior of the cue case, and straps could get caught in a conveyer belt. As a result, we recommend that you pack your cue case inside a suitcase or travel bag to protect it.

Please note that our pool cue cases were designed for the standard protection required for pool play 'on location' and not to be checked as luggage during travel. While our hard cue cases are made with a PVC tube that will protect your cues on the inside but the cue case itself will risk getting damaged on the outside. Soft cases do not protect cues sufficiently to be checked as luggage without additional protection.



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