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Currently, Predator does not have any authorized repair centers and does not warranty work performed outside of Predator Warranty and Repair. In order to have your products maintained and repaired, properly, and preserve your Predator Limited Lifetime Warranty, you must send your products in to Predator Warranty and Repair. If you have a question about a repair, or if a repair will be covered under warranty, please contact Predator Customer Service using our contact form. The warranty includes manufacturer defects, only. Warpage, abuse or normal wear on replaceable items such as the tip, ferrule, finish, wrap and bumper, are not covered. The original registration or purchase receipt is required for all warranty claims. Predator warrants solely to the original purchaser of the product, however long they may own the product, and will decide, at its discretion, which repairs will be made under the Predator Limited Lifetime Warranty. 


Please contact us prior to sending products for repairs or warranty review.


  Service Description Price Turnaround Time
Shaft REVO "Recharge" Change Tip and Recondition REVO Shaft for a Like New feel (Tip Included). Watch the video. $79 1-3 Days
  Install New Tip

Excluding tip cost (Revo or Wood)

$20 1 Day
  Install New Ferrule Excluding tip cost (Wood shaft only) $50 1-3 Days
  Recondition Shaft Remove scratches and clean (Revo or Wood) $25 1 Day
  Straighten Shaft No Straightness Guarantee (Wood shaft only) $20  1-3 Days
Butt Install New Linen Wrap   $75 2-4 Weeks
  Install New Leather Wrap   $150 2-4 Weeks
  Install Leather Luxe Wrap   $150 2-4 Weeks
  Install New Sport Wrap BK2, BK3, Sport, Sport 2, ICE,  Stratos, Rush $150 2-4 Weeks
Cue Cue Joint Refacing Re-face the contact surface of cue joint $20  1 Day
  Refinish Cue** Contact us with pictures of your cue for a refinish quote Starting at $250 8-24 Weeks

**SE/LE CUES - Logos, Numbers, Signatures or Engravings MAY NOT be saved during the refinish process depending on the model. In some cases, only a Predator Logo will be put back on the cue.

CANNOT REFINISH P3, some Limited Editions, Original BK and BK3, Willie Hoppe and 526 Series, Blak 3 Series because the metal butt cap shape does not allow sanding on a lathe.





Customer Service will provide you with all the information you need to know, prior to returning your product. Your product may or may not be covered under warranty, and Predator may or may not be able to complete a repair, therefore, before returning a product, we urge you to begin a communication with customer service, first, by using our contact form. Customer service can provide you with a return form, shipping instructions, and further details, in order to expedite the return process. 


The customer is responsible for all shipping costs related to repairs. For warranty review, the customer is responsible for paying the shipping cost to Predator, and Predator will pay for the return shipping cost to the customer. We ship all packages, domestic and international, using UPS, and encourage our customers to do so as well.


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  • It took nearly 3 months to get my cue re-wrapped and re-condition the revo shaft. They rarely reply to your emails and the communication is awful.
    'Turn-around time' written here is untrue, don't expect to get your cue/shaft back at such short time.

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  • Dear Takashi,

    We apologize for the time it took to refinish your cue and if the communication wasn't optimal. Refinishes on cues can take up to 24 weeks to complete as stated above. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

    The Predator Team

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  • I sent in a Predator 314/2 shaft for repairs and the technician said it would be better if they send me a new 314/3 at no charge. This was a fast turnaround Thanks to Crystal Bolton for the super job she did. I would of like to have the broken one sent back to me as well I would have been happy to pay for the shipping

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  • Sent out 2 shafts to get serviced. I only received 1 shaft back I called and apparently it was too late in the day on a Friday to talk to someone who could figure out why I I'm missing my replacement rush break shaft. Gotta wait the weekend on top of the 5 days it took to receive just the one of two shafts sent. Very unacceptable.

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