Poison Warranty FAQ's

How is the Limited Lifetime Warranty activated?

Please keep a copy of the receipt and register the product on the Predator Group website at https://www.poisoncues.com/usa/product-registration.

What does “Limited Lifetime Warranty” mean?

Limited lifetime warranty covers manufactured defects that occur during the lifetime of the product.  Parts that are wearable are covered for 2 years and are not covered under the lifetime warranty.  For example, a wrap will wear over time and after 2 years will no longer be covered.

What is covered under warranty?

All defects that arise from manufacturing issues.   If the defect does not arise from original manufacturing, the warranty will not be covered.  For example, if the ferrule is replaced by a repair center, then the front end of the shaft is no longer under warranty as it is no longer the original work.

Where do I ship a product if it needs to be checked for warranty or if it can be repaired?

The product should be returned to the Predator Customer Service Center.  Even if the product is returned to where the item was purchased, the product will need to be returned to Predator customer service center for final inspection.

Is there a way to determine if a return will be under warranty before it is shipped to the customer service center?

To be covered under warranty the product must be registered on the Predator Group website.

If the product has been reworked at all, it should be checked to make sure the parts are all original parts and not non-Predator parts.  If there are any non-Predator parts, the shaft will not be covered under warranty.  For example, if the shaft has been reworked and has a non-Predator ferrule or is turned down below warranty level, then it will not be covered under warranty.

How long are replaceable items (such as tip, wrap, bumper, and ferrule) under the original warranty?

The warranty covers replaceable parts for 2 years.

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