Predator Cues Warranty FAQ's

a.     What is covered under warranty?

All manufactured defects will be covered.  Replaceable parts like the bumper or wrap are only covered up to two years.

b.     Is warpage covered?

Warpage is not covered after 90 days, as the condition that the butt was stored in cannot be determined.  Warpage can occur when a cue is stored in extreme conditions such as temperature or humidity.  For example, leaving a cue in the trunk of the car during the heat of the summer can increase the risk of warpage.

c.     Should the shaft be shipped with the butt to the customer service center?

If the defect has occurred on the cue that does not involve the pin or facing, the butt can be shipped back without the shaft.  If the pin or facing seems to be defective, it is best that both the shaft and butt can be tested to determine the issue and the solution.

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