BK Hybrid Tip Wear and Maintenance

BK Hybrid Tips are featured, exclusively, on Predator break and break/jump cues, such as the BK Rush and Air Rush. Due to its outstanding break peformance, the BK Hybrid Tip has become one of our most requested tips. They are offered through repair services provided by Predator Warranty and Repair, and are not available as single-purchase items.

As the BK Hybrid Tip wears down, each layer will "slough off". This is the normal manner in which the BK Hybrid Tip wears. This type of wear does not occur with a standard, leather tip.

This tip is a proprietary phenolic/leather blend and requires regular maintenance, which may include scuffing, shaping, and burnishing. A nickel or dime radius is recommended for optimum performance. As you break with the tip, it will become flattened out in the center. The top layer will become smaller and smaller, and the edges of that layer will become exposed. The layer can easily be removed through regular tip maintenance, or shedding on its own, to reveal the next layer. Once the new layer is revealed, you should shape the crown of your tip, and burnish the sides, as necessary.

When you are ready to apply a new BK Hybrid Tip to your BK-R Break shaft, please contact Customer Service at customerservice@predatorgroup.com, and they will be happy to assist you with the process.

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