Help move balance point of cue

I have a sports cue with a z shaft. I removed all the weight and the balance point is still only at 17.75 from the but end. Cue weight is now 16.4 oz. Adding weight just moves it back more. Do I have any options to bring the balance point forward on this cue. Our am I just out of luck. Amy help would be greatly appreciated.


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    The balance point should be, approximately, just above the wrap. If you wish to make the front end heavier, we could only suggest using a heavier shaft. 


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  • find an extension that fits between the shaft and butt(Ebay). these will add 1.5 -2.5 oz(depending on size) and two-four inches length. Cost about 45-50 dollars. made from aluminum alloy. ones I found are black. Just another option, but Predator does not market them. 

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