REVO 3C-U + What if it was a hard tip?

I purchased your Predator REVO 3C-U Ultra Low Deflection Carbon Fiber Carom Shaft on February 8th and have been using it. I am having a satisfactory experience.
However, due to the soft tip, there is no immediate reaction when hitting the ball, so more force is used habitually.
If the REVO 3C-U Carbon Fiber Carom Shaft is equipped with a hard tip, how will the deflection be different?



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    Thank you for your message.
    Predator REVO 3C-U carbon fiber carom shaft comes standard with a Medium hardness tip. We understand that many 3 Cushion players prefer hard tips. We use Medium hardness tips on REVO shafts because carbon fiber is stiffer than wood. Feel free to upgrade to a Hard tip if that is your preference.  

    The hardness of the tip does not impact the deflection. The shape of the tip however does impact deflection, that's why we usually recommend to avoid using a flat tip and to use a rounder Dime radius.

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  • I agree with the comment of Philippe Singer, about using a Dime Radius. I play 3 cushions for 3 years now ( first had a Longonia Amalia, but went for Predator P3 Silva with Revo ULD ) and I played with Nickle Radius since the beginning. Then I was wondering how Dime Radius would feel like, and I bought a second tip tool. Even though I read many times, that Nickle was more recommended for 3 cushions.

    I played for 1 month with it. And the next week I wanted to try and see how the Nickle Radius would feel like again. I played for ten minutes and scuffed it back to Dime again. For me personally I felt I had more control.

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