Difference between Revo BK-R and Revo

Is there any difference between the regular REVO shaft and the REVO BK-R shaft, besides the break tip?  Is the BK-R shaft a 12.9 mm?  Is the BK-R shaft available to purchase by itself?



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    Dear Shahab,

    Thank you for your question.

    The BK-R shaft has a 12.9 mm tip diameter, just like the standard Revo 12.9 shafts. The taper is identical as well since it is the same carbon fiber tube.

    The main difference is in the front-end design as the BK-R shaft combines a carbon fiber break shield with our impregnated leather tip. The break shield is used instead of a tip silencer on a playing shaft, and its purpose is to maximize the transfer of energy to the cue ball for the break.

    The BK-R shaft is unfortunately not currently available to be purchased serparately.


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