• Hi !

    My cue is not a retired one, but a newly-released current one since Black Friday, but when I bought it last summer, it was known as one of the three "Poison Special Edition" from (model on the site was "C8SE1-1"). To my knowledge, at the time, these were the only Poison cues with a Radial joint instead of the Bullet joint.

    Poison ninja-released them for Black Friday, and gave them the name of Strychnine, bringing back a product line that's been dormant since 2014.

    My C8SE1-1 is now known as the Strychnine ST1 Black/White. (I sadly missed the one I really wanted, the ST3 Grey with a Predator shaft, but they came back cheaper with a Radial Venom2 shaft, so still an amazing deal, and I have much more choices for shaft upgrades)

    I really love that Poison is making Radial jointed cues (the two new super cheap Cyanide models (Purple, and Grey Steel) are Radial as well. I really hope this is an ongoing trend for Poison, as I simply cannot understand the business decision of making a unique joint for the cheaper line of cues (cheaper compared to the Papa Brand, Predator) - I say keep the Bullet for cue extensions, make Poisons as Radial and keep Predator as is (Uni-Loc Quick Connect for most cues, Radial on some).

    I bought this Poison because I'm starting in pool, and like many beginners, cannot afford Predator equipment - Had it been one of the older models with Bullet Joint, I'd be stuck in a very small market for shafts : either another Venom II, or one of the few Predator Shafts available with Bullet (currently : 314-3 & Z-3, and the 12.4mm / 12.9mm Revo, although, the Bullet-Pinned Revos are from, not even listed on Predator's site) - nothing wrong with these choices, however, the used market is practically non existent, unlike Radial & Uni-Loc "quick connect" shafts , which are found in much greater quantities.

    Keeping Bullet joints for Extensions , and Radial / Uni-Loc QC for Shafts would also simplify tooling / inventory lol.

    From the Retired cues list, I really liked a few from the Black Widow line (BW2 & BW5 from the first offering in 2014), but they are super hard to find in Canada, and that Bullet joint is a gigantic turn off.

    Use Poison brand to lure new players in with great prices & Predator upgrade options, leave Players / PureX in the dust behind ! ^_^

    Have a great day !



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  • I'm going to have to agree with ,Yves. I dont have any retires, but I myself am also playing with a poison special edition 3 cue ( gray stain , red and black veneers) couldn't be more happy. Biggest thing for me was how it offered an extended leather grip and also the uni lock radial pin.( not a fan of bullet pin, as stated above its limiting on equipment) but as for the special edition 3 I couldn't be more happy. Keep up the good work and happy shooting!


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