What's in your bag?

What are some of the contents of your cue case?

  • What cues do you have?
  • Any good luck charms?
  • Anything out of the ordinary or special?

Check out what's in our Predator Pro Jasmine Ouschan's bag.




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  • Well, about 20 years ago (or was it closer to 25-30?) it started with a limited edition Joss.  After some investigation, it was before Predator started making butts so it was a Joss butt with 2 matching 314 shafts.  Now it's a Predator Blak with 2 matching Z2 shafts.  I prefer soft tips so the cue ball can be moved around with less effort.

    I don't have as many items as Jasmin but, I also have a good super glue in case my cue is accidentally kicked over and the tip comes off.  My jump/break stick needs to be upgraded so that's in the near future.  (Does anyone have an old one they would be willing to part with?) Since I wear Hawaiian shirts all the time, a friend gave me a small hula girl statue I use to mark the pocket for the 8-ball.

    Carl  :)


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