What's your favorite Predator shaft and why?

What's your preference?

How many shafts do you have?

Do you use different shafts for different games?



  • Z2!
    I have not tried: 314-2, 314-3, Z, Z3
    The very first time I got hooked on Predator was the performance of 314 (first gen) compared to my, then, red dot.
    Admittedly, I was smitten. But after trying out Z2, I'll never go back to 314.

    Z2, to me, is a cue that teaches the player. Z2 allowed me to learn that deflection and throw effect are actually deadly weapons rather than dead weight when used at the right time. In this regards, I could not recreate the shots I comfortably did with Z2, using Revo. On the other hand, I'm still trying to find the kind of shot that Revo can do and Z2 can't replicate.

    I feel that Revo allows higher accuracy. But compared to Z2, I feel that Revo is a bit more boring. With Z2, the balls appear dramatic.
    To me, Revo vs Z2 is like comparing Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan. Both can score on tough spots. But one is boring, the other is catchy.

    Because Revo doesn't bend enough (read: probably at all) for good reasons, Z2 allows greater variety of shots. But then, Z2 is generally less accurate because it demands smaller room for error (thus, teaching the player).

    I only have 1 shaft at the moment. I'm looking to get Revo as my secondary shaft. But I got to indulge myself with a Revo that a friend owns.

    Once I own a Revo, I plan to use different shafts for different shots, even within the same game. I plan to use Z2 most of the time, but Revo will not simply be a backup shaft.

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  • Myself, I have Z3 s-tuned( which is the taper is change from hybrid conical to pro taper), revo 12.4, 11.8, z2 s-tuned, and 314 s-tuned. My fav is the Z3 s-tuned. These I use on a P3 exotic with stack leather wrap. The revo 11.8 is very similar to the Z3, but I have not figured out how to get the same performance. The Z3 is clearly the better choice in my hands.

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