Wrapless PURPLE Cues?

I've been looking for about a month now for a Carbon Cue, but I was specifically looking for one in Purple so that it stands out among others' personal cues when I go out to play, so that I can see/say from across the room "Hey, yeah, no, that one's mine". All of my other gear is purple, as it remains the only color that no one else in my area has on any of their stuff. I know the Predator P3 cue comes in Purple, but it sits at just about double my budget. So, now my main options are kind of left to the "Viking B2006 A206" with their Siege carbon shaft, in a kind of muted purple, a Predator shorty that comes in purple, getting an extension for it, and then hoping that a Revo shaft fits on it, or some cheaper options from brands I've seen online but heard next to nothing about. I saw that the Predator Sport 2 fits a Revo carbon Shaft, and just recently came out in a nice Red, any hope for that same treatment to come to a purple S2? (Please?)



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    If you are searching for a standard playing cue, we do not recommend purchasing a "shorty" cue. This is not an adequate pool cue length for an adult player. Our P3 REVO in purple, which comes with your choice of REVO carbon fiber shaft, is currently the only purple cue that we offer. At this time, we have the P3 REVO in purple with a leather luxe wrap, in stock. 

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