QR extension adapter for older Predator with push in bumper?

Good day all!

I have an old "Williamson" cue made special order by Predator, which has the old weight bolt system. There does not seem to be any butt-end extensions I can buy for this cue (if so, let me know where, please?), so I would like to modify it to accept the QR extension. I can see there is an insert and extension I can buy here:


that could work, but don't see specific indication that it will fit my opening. The opening is larger that the screw in QR bumper on my more modern BK rush break cue, so probably.

I did try a mid-cue Balance-Rite 4 inch extension, but it didn't fit correctly and the cue was not straight when it was on.

I wonder if anybody has a fix, or might know if there is a cue repair business anywhere near me (Kingston, Ontario) that could make this work for me?. All ideas more than welcome. At the moment I am alternatively contemplating using my modern BK rush butt with my playing revo 12.4 shaft and the 3 inch QR extension, and putting the BK rush break revo shaft on my current playing butt. Comments about that idea are more than welcome also!

Thanks! ... Paul



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    Unfortunately, Predator does not offer an extension compatible with Predator cues made prior to 2012. The thread size for our Predator QR-2 Extension Bumper is M 16 X 2. Please be aware, that altering your cue butt in this manner may compromise the integrity of the product.

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