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Any chance of inspiring Predator to come out with a couple of Butt Extensions that will fit flush with the Butt of the P3 Cues?  Possibly in a Carbon Fiber Finish to match my P3 Nova Butt/Cue and others in the product line up.  Possibly a 3" and 6"?  The 3" Butt Extension, currently offered does not fit flush with the Cue Butt and leaves an undesirable gap, this bugs the heck out of me when gripping that area...  With all the hype and new offerings in the P3 line, it would be nice to support the line with accessories that have the real factory finish and fit.  I am currently using an off brand center cue extension, 4" in a flat finish plastic.  It doesn't look great but is better then the 3" Butt Extension that doesn't match up to the Cue Butt.  Please Help!!!  I appreciate your consideration, you may possibly already be working on something...????



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    Hi Sergio,
    Thank you for bringing attention to a P3 extension opportunity. Your feedback has been shared with our product development team.

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