Are there any differences between BK3 butt and BK Rush butt?

I have my BK3 and I like it so much.

However, some of my friends have BK Rush break cues and I tested many times.

I had to admit that BK Rush is much better than my BK3.

So I want to have a BK Rush, but if there are no differences between BK3 butt and BK Rush butt,

I am considering buying BK Rush Shaft only.

Please tell me the differences between two butts except exterior things.




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    The BK Rush break cue butt is "break balanced" to be the best performing break cue that Predator has ever engineered. The balance point is calibrated for effortless power, meaning, when used with a medium break speed, the cue will produce the best results. The break performance of the cue was tested at different speeds and weights, and it was determined that 18oz. is the optimum weight for maximum efficiency. Together, the BK Rush break cue butt and BK-R shaft is backed by extensive research and pro player testing, and the most widely utilized break cue among our professional players.

    The biggest difference between the BK Rush and the BK3 is mainly the REVO break shaft. The BK Rush's carbon fiber shaft transfers energy a lot better than wood as it has a higher coefficient of restitution (COR). In simple terms, carbon fiber is more elastic than wood, which in turn gives more speed to the cue ball. The carbon fiber is also a stronger and more durable material that will not ding, dent, or warp, and will therefore last longer.

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