Why is the VX5 jump/break cue being discontinued? WHY???

I really liked their white VX5 Break cue, and I wanted a blue VX5 jump/break. But the exact moment I decided I wanted one, I found out it's being discontinued. Which makes it pretty much impossible to find anywhere. WHY?? 

It's still advertised on the site like it's still available, which is especially annoying. All I want is a blue VX5 jump/break, and there is no news that I can find regarding replacements or updated versions coming out soon. They just killed them. I'm SOL.

Is there any news anywhere regarding these cues? It was literally the one cue I wanted, and it being discontinued really REALLY sucks. I would absolutely love a detailed explanation if anyone can give me one. 

Also, if you want to sell your VX5 jump/break, hit me up because i'll buy it from you.

-Adam Newman, newmansdesk@gmail.com




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